Educational content and final diploma


In their previous post-graduate course, the participants were provided with a common legal approach to the main legal issues in international trade law and contract drafting.  As a result,  the educational content of the new programme aims at upgrading and expanding their former training.
Educational elements may be delivered through various e-learning tools.

During the programme, mid-term assessments, exercises and tests will be delivered.
Assessments will be done on the basis of participation to the learning activities and written assignments to be submitted. They may consist in reviews, Q&As, multiple choice tests, case study, etc.
Participants will be assessed as well on their final research project.

In October 2015, the participants will be asked to attend the final part of the course at the University Campus.
They will

  • sit for a final exam
  • deliver their final paper
  • outline their research work in a public conference held at the presence of the academic staff, visiting professors, researchers and local authorities


Knowledge and skills acquired during the master course will be assessed throughout the entire programme. Each grade will count towards the final mark.

A First Level Master Diploma from the University of Turin will be awarded to all participants who fulfill the following requirements:

  • demonstrate the level of competence set by the supervisors through the assignments submitted
  • satisfy the on-campus attendance requirement
  • successfully pass the final exam
  • complete and deliver the final research paper


Tests and assignments are graded according to a scale ranging from 0 to 30, with 18 as a pass mark.
A “cum laude” may be added to the highest grade (30; 30 e lode) as a mention of special distinction.
The examination results are used to calculate the overall degree mark on a scale of 0 – 110.
The final result is based on exam results plus the presentation of a project or dissertation to the Board of Examiners.
The pass mark is 66 and students who obtain full marks of 110 may also be awarded ‘summa cum laude’ (110 e lode).