Scientific Committee and Faculty



The Scientific Committee provides guidelines and suggestions regarding the LL.M curriculum and the choice of relevant issues for the programme.

The SC will select and admit candidates and will be in charge of evaluating the final tests and the research papers of the participants.

The Members of the Scientific Committee are:

Annamaria Viterbo
Mario Comba
Paolo Montalenti
Lorenza Mola
Cristina Poncibò
Marina Motta
Paolo Rainelli
Luca Castellani



Each module will be guided and designed by one/two supervisor/s who will coordinate the module and have the responsibility to select teaching and reading material, to prepare assignments and exercises and to give a grade to students’ work for the module.

List of supervisors:

Lorenza Mola
Cristina Poncibò
Marina Motta,Fabrizio Sudiero
Cristina Martinetti, Stefano Cerrato
Paolo Rainelli, Stefano Balzola
Alessandro Cogo
Annamaria Viterbo



Lecturers for e-presentations, webinars and on-line seminars will be

  • law professors from renowned universities and institutions worldwide
  • professionals, law consultants from international law firms in-house lawyers
  • experts and officials from international organisations.

The combination of academic resource persons and legal practitioners guarantees the integration of theory with practice.

Participants will benefit from the support and involvement of module supervisors, a dedicated tutor who will assist and advise them throughout the on line learning period and the managing staff of the IUSE who will be available for information and assistance for the duration of the master course.