Why e-learning?

Continuous professional training for legal practitioners, law consultants, managers, in-house lawyers and officials require a training from their workplace, based on up-to-date e-learning platforms through which high quality e-presentations, forum and wiki on the latest developments in their fields of interest are made available.
This is the current methodology adopted by many training institutions such as the Academy of European Law.
The EU itself encourages member States to expand participation and access for individuals through targeted e-learning approaches. ITC tools may enable working professionals to get the a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree and high-powered skills .
Actually, in the last decade, the US has heavily invested in on-line education.
Europe is recently catching up. Eminent Universities (such as: University of London, University of Liverpool, Queen Mary, European Institute of Public Administration-EIPA, Vrije Universiteit Brussel) offer on-line degrees, masters and PhDs.