LL.M. in International Trade Law (on-line)

2015-2016 Edition

An on-line LL.M. specifically designed for lawyers and legal experts having acquired
professional experience through:

  • Participation in post-graduate courses in the LL.M. sector
  • At least three years of certified professional experience in the relevant sector

The first edition of the LL.M. (currently ongoing) was initially designed for Alumni of the International Trade Law Post-graduate Course (1991-2010). As the Post-graduate Course has converted into a full LL.M. since 2011, the programme allows past participants to update and complete their education, thereby acquiring the LL.M. degree.

Thirty-one professionals from 12 countries are currently participating in the first edition, that will be concluded by an international conference in Turin (23 October 2015).

In light of the success of the first edition, in 2015-2016 the LL.M. will be open to legal professionals willing to update and deepen their knowledge of international trade law.

The programme offers:

  • a thorough, practice-oriented training on international trade law and related subjects, provided entirely in English and based on the qualified experience of the organizers
  • full compatibility with professional activities of the participants, thanks to the innovative on-line methodology and an international network of professionals, who can interact through
    the tools provided by the LL.M. (such as forums, wikis, case studies, the alumni network, ad hoc conferences etc.)

Further information is available at http://llmonline.iuse.it/2015-16-brochure/

The pre-registration form, available at http://llmonline.iuse.it/expression-of-interest_2015-16_edition/ , shall be submitted no later than 30 September 2015.

Contact information: llmonline@iuse.it +39 011 6709425