The LL.M.is organised by the Law Department of the University of Turin in collaboration with the University Institute of European Studies (IUSE).

The LL.M in International Trade Law (on-line) is a tailored training activity designed for those who attended the former “International Trade Law Post-Graduate Course”  held from 1991 to 2010.

The purpose is to offer the Alumni an upgrade of their former training and related diploma.

The content of this course is similar to the one of the current LL.M programme, with two differences:

  • the teaching methodology (completely online, except for the final exams);
  • the contents of some modules, aimed at upgrading and expanding the participants’ former training, including new topics, which were not present in the former course (e.g. Global Sustainability in International Contracts, Corporate Social Responsibility, Consumer Law).

Those who attended the former post-graduate course in International Trade Law will benefit from the recognition of 20 credits, thus needing only 40 more credits to reach the requested credit number for an LL.M diploma (60 ECTS).

 The on-line training will take place from January to October 2015. 

In October 2015 one week of presence at the new Campus Luigi Einaudi (CLE) in Turin is required for the final assessment and the presentation of the final research paper.

The LL.M in International Trade Law (on-line) will include:

  • Two introductory modules: January 2015-March 2015 on: International Economic Law: Policies and Institutions (5 credits) and on International Contracts (5 credits)
  • Three compulsory common modules: March-September 2015 on: International Contracts (7 credits), Dispute Resolution and Arbitration (4 credits), Refresher Conferences (3 credits)
  • Two optional complementary modules: March-September 2015 (to be chosen among: Corporate Law; Intellectual Property; International Monetary and Financial Law; Competition Law and International Trade; Consumer Protection in Global Markets. (3 credits each)

The choice of an on-line learning course was determined by the audience profile of the Alumni (nowadays high profile lawyers and professionals, in-house legal counsels, international officials), who would otherwise be unable to attend a long face-to-face programme.