The Former ITL course (1991-2010)

From 1991 to 2010 the International Training Centre of the ILO and a number of academic partners, led by the University of Turin and the University Institute of European Studies (IUSE), offered a postgraduate course named “International Trade Law Post-Graduate Course”.
Over those 20 years, 767 students, coming from all over the world, attended the course.

Key topics of the programme were:

  • international trade organisations (GATT/WTO);
  • harmonisation of international and regional laws (UNCITRAL, UNIDROIT);
  • legal aspects of international contract negotiation (pre-contractual agreements, letter of intent, etc);
  • international contracts (sale of goods, technology licence agreements, JV, M&A, IP rights, trade marks and patents, agency and distribution, etc);
  • competition law and antitrust;
  • modes of payment and international investment guarantees law;
  • arbitration and dispute resolutions.

The programme included:

  • 13 weeks of face-to-face training with compulsory attendance (on the same subjects as for the current LL.M.)
  • case studies, role-plays, moot court, etc
  • participant’s reviews published in a yearly brochure
  • mid-term tests and final exams
  • final certificate with an overall grade.

Distinguished lecturers (among whom: Piero Bernardini, Antonio Crivellaro, Charles Debattista, Ugo Draetta, Andrea Giardina, Pierre Lalive, Henry Lesguillons, Jernej Sekolek, Pierre Tercier, etc) were invited as lecturer.

Since the academic year 2010-2011, the course is a recognised first level master’s degree of the University of Torino – the “L.L.M in International Trade Law- Contracts and Dispute Resolution” – where ITC-ILO, IUSE and UniTO are partners together with other international organizations and renowned universities.